Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CLCM.LCM.LCMDataInputStreamWill not throw EOF.
 CLCM.LCM.LCMLightweight Communications and Marshalling C#.NET implementation
 CLCM.LCM.LCMEncodableA message which can be easily sent using LCM.
 CLCM.LCM.LCMSubscriberA class which listens for messages on a particular channel.
 CLCM.LCM.MessageAggregatorAccumulates received LCM messages in a queue
 CLCM.LCM.MessageAggregator.MessageA received message.
 CLCM.LCM.ProviderA provider implements a communications modality for LCM. (I.e., a URL handler.) The provider should call LC.receiveMessage() upon receipt of a message. LCM.ReceiveMessage() is thread-safe and can be called from any thread.
 CLCM.LCM.TCPProviderLCM provider for the tcp: URL. All messages are sent to a central "hub" process (that must be started separately), which will relay the messages to all other processes. TCPService is an implementation of the hub process
 CLCM.LCM.UDPMulticastProviderLCM provider for the udpm: URL. All messages are broadcast over a pre-arranged UDP multicast address. Subscription operations are a no-op, since all messages are always broadcast
 CLCM.Server.ServerSimple TCP provider server implementation
 CLCM.LCM.URLParserInternal URL parsing engine